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Feederbrook Farm

Milk & Honey "Manganese"


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This yarn is a 2 ply DK with 260yds per skein. The blend is Merino/Alpaca/Milk fiber. The Merino is up against the skin soft as is the Alpaca. The addition of the Alpaca adds to the warmth and drape to a finished product. The milk Fiber is added to give the skein a bit of luster which Merino and alpaca lack and drape to the knitted/woven or crocheted garment. The wool is dyed with organic eco friendly dyes made in the US and Milled in Pennsylvania. The original color of the un-dyed fiber is a fawn so when over dyed gives a rich earth tone color to the yarn. The whole yarn line of ENTROPY is meant to mimic hand spun yarns and may have some inconsistencies. Just like some hand spun yarns, once knit up the colors in the end project will stripe or gradate as the wool is dyed prior to spinning.

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